Hello, my name is Darren Michael White.  I have spent much of my life, both personal and professional, learning to understand the psychology behind a consumer.  A customer.  I have attended and obtained my Bachelors of science in psychology.  As well as worked in many different sales environments.

Along the way I learned,  the hardest part of sales, is finding the customers.

 So marketing and advertising became an interest of mine.  As I learned these business practices an amazingly huge and dynamic market place unfolded to me.   The Internet.  In fact, if your reading this now I now at minimum you already appreciate the value of the reach to potential customers the internet can offer you.

But so many people still have very little understanding of the development end to utilize this market place.  This is why I decided to learn how to write code.  It is a new langue that lets you speak to the world, digitally.

After I learned; I decided to merge my life experiences, passions, insights, relationships, and capital.  This is how Mike White became White Mike Marketing!  Where maximizing your exposure means more money!

All I need is for you to have a business with a plan and I can do everything needed to manifest that business into a brand. I can create the website, host the website, manage the website through its entirety, handling the trickier problems such as seo which is just how well you do in the search engine returned keyword results.

So my customers never have to deal with the trouble of seeking out multiple services when bringing there business into the online environment. in which money traps are always lying in wait for the less knowledgeable in the tech industry.